Smooth Floor Maintenance

  • Scrub brushes and wash brushes with Fibre or Union (both plant fibers, Union being a blend of various hard fibers)
  • Horsehair house brooms and hand brooms
  • Parquet brooms and hand brooms made of fine goat hair, ideal for sweeping up fine dust particles.
  • Brooms and hand brooms made of boar bristles, ideal for winter garden, because bristles can withstand occasional moisture
  • Brooms and hand brooms made of Arenga, Bahia and Elaston. Arenga and Bahia are plant fibers, ideal for garden and street, Elaston is a hard nylon, very good whisk brooms

The Arenga and, especially, the Bahia brooms should be placed in a shallow water bath for a short time after purchase. The fibers are often dried out from storage and then can break easily.

  • Our housebrand Mop broom with dusting cloths, , for effective dusting of all smooth floor surfaces. The mop holder with swivel joint is maneuverable, the aluminum telescopic handle is height adjustable. The soft mop cover is removable and washable at 30 degrees. The duster cloth that you clip around the mop is impregnated with either potato starch or oil, which binds the dust, hair and lint instead of stirring it up. Ideal for allergy sufferers. After use, the cloth can be safely removed and disposed of in the household bin.

“Wonder Cloths,  the Indispensable, Magic Cloths”, that’s what our customers call these dust binding cloths. Made with potato starch, these cloths are ideal for your surfaces made of tiles, marble, high-gloss granite. The cloths with medicinal paraffin oil are best for dry cleaning your wooden surfaces, since they clean and maintain the surfaces.

The mop is soft and round. This makes it easy for you to reach and clean corners, under furniture and along edges. Due to its maneuverability, large areas are dusted quickly.

You are welcome to purchase the mops and the cloths via our online-shop

Living Space Maintenance
  • Upholstery brushes made of wild/domestic boar bristles
  • Carpet brushes made of coconut fibers. For very fine woven or silk carpets, we recommend the upholstery brushes or even goat hair brushes.
  • Radiator brushes – for both ribbed radiators and heaters.
  • Table brooms

Perfect for Dusting

  • Feather dusters made of ostrich feathers or lambswool
  • Cleaning and dusting brushes made of goat hair
  • Dusters (extra large)
  • Furniture mops
  • Forked mops, also for Venetian blinds
  • Genuine chamois leather

When you pull a moistened nylon stocking over your radiator brush, it will bind the dust.

We suggest that you work slowly and carefully with the feather and woolen dusters, so that dust can be absorbed by the natural oil of their delicate feathers and hairs. You release the dust particles, by shaking out the duster.

Kitchen and Bathroom Maintenance
  • Dish brushes
  • Bathtub brushes with Fibre plant fibers
  • Washing-up brushes with Fibre or Union (both plant fibers, Union being a mixture of various hard fibers), available in different sizes
  • Bottle brushes with domestic boar bristles in different sizes
  • Soap pads
  • Mirror and glass drying cloths
  • Tub drying towels
  • Dishcloths
  • Cleaning and wiping cloths

We chose not to have microfiber in our assortment. By using pure cotton and viscose cloths, all smooth and shiny surfaces as well as your wooden floors can easily be cleaned and maintained. You can purchase some of the articles from our online shop

Wardrobe and Shoe Care
  • Hat brushes with wild/domestic boar bristles
  • Clothes or cashmere brushes with wild/domestic boar
  • Pilling brushes for woolen/cashmere items
  • Velvet or suede brushes with fine brass
  • Dirt removal shoe brushes made of plant fibers/bristles
  • Cream brushes made from light and dark horsehair
  • Shoe shine brushes made of light, dark or slitted horsehair, as well as goat and yak hair
  • Shoe polish from Colonil in different colors

Our pilling brushes, which were tested by a prestigious dry cleaners as well as a reputable wool store, are made of very hard nylon. If you brush very slowly and carefully in one direction, the brush will safely remove the wool pilling. You can buy these brushes from our online shop.

Towels and Cloths
  • Leitner
    • Towels made of waffle weave (or honeycomb fabric), terry cloth, linen and   semi-linen as well as bedding and table cloths. All of these items can be purchased through us.
  • Hoffmann
    • Kitchen towels 100% linen
    • Liné Massage Towels, made of 68% linen and 32% cotton.
  • Jokipiin
    • Massage back rub straps and gloves from Finland, 70% linen/30% cotton.

The manufacturers recommend that fabric softeners and dryers not be used, in order to protect and maintain the structure and strength of the fabric. E.g. In Frankfurt, for example, the calcium content of the water is fairly high. Occasional use only of a small amount of fabric softener or a delicate dryer setting will keep the fabrics smoother.

foot mats
  • Coconut mats from the Eifel region woven for outdoor use to lie freely or with a PVC coating for embedded frames
  • Runners with nitrile rubber coating, are non-slip and absorb wetness and dirt, washable up to 60 degrees
  • Gratings with needle felt and or rubber strips
  • Rubber honeycomb mats with or without brush inserts

The entrance to your house or apartment is the “business card” of your home. We offer indoor and outdoor doormats in many standard sizes and colors, but also according to your desired dimensions.