personal care
personal care
Bathing and Massage Brushes
  • Body brushes for dry/ wet massage, with/ without handle made of, horsehair, domestic boar bristles or Fibre plant fibers
  • Hand brushes made of wild or domestic boar bristles and Fibre plant fiber
  • Face brush made of soft domestic boar bristles or delicate goat hair
  • Massage gloves and back rub made of flax, sisal, loofah, horse hair with aloe vera and fabric (80%Li, 20% Co).

Brush massages tighten your skin, remove dead skin cells and break down fat deposits. At the same time you stimulate your circulation, lymphatic system and intestinal activity. For the classic full body massage, you start at the right little toe, circularly massaging up the leg, then the other leg, then right arm, left arm, back and front.


We carry toothbrushes from Koh-I-Noor and Acca Kappa.

The toothbrushes are equipped with badger hair or bristles in various degrees of hardness. The bodies are made of biodegradable cellulose acetate.

No, they are neither disgusting nor a source of bacteria, but last longer and are gentler on teeth and gums. Please rinse your toothbrush with hot water after use and let it dry well,so that no germs can form and the fibers are able to regain their strength. You can buy Koh-I-Noor toothbrushes online store.

Hair Brushes
  • Brushes with pure wild/domestic boar bristles – for your hair care
  • Brushes with a mixture of nylon pins and wild boar bristles – for combing and care
  • Round hair dryer brushes in different thicknesses
  • Wooden brushes on rubber cushions with sheathed wooden pins for massage in different sizes
  • Wire brushes on rubber cushions with extra long and rounded wire pins

Pure boar bristles are either inserted directly into the wooden body or also in a rubber pad. In order for the brush to grip the hair well, the individual bristle bundles must be of unequal length. Bristles have the additional ability to absorb hair oil from the scalp and release it all the way to the tips of your hair, in addition to providing a pleasant massage. The result is shiny and healthy hair. Your hair oil in turn keeps the bristles supple.

Therefore, clean your brush regularly with a brush cleaner. If you want to wash your brush, please do so with a mild shampoo, do not leave it in the water, rinse it well and let it dry out standing on the bristles, so that water can drain off well and is not collected in the brush body.

Wir führen ausschließlich Kämme, die in Handarbeit hergestellt werden, aus Holz, Naturkautschuk, Horn und Zellulose-Acetat mit unterschiedlichen Zahnungen

  • Combs for women
  • Combs for men
  • Pocket combs
  • Combs for curly hair
  • Beard combs
  • Dust combs
  • Tail combs
  • Handle combs

Handcrafted combs have neither a seam on the teeth nor sharp edges. For wet hair, we recommend combs made of cellulose acetate or natural rubber. Wooden combs counteract „flyaway hair“ the most, horn combs can distribute your hair oil.

Shaving Brushes and Accessories
  • Shaving brushes made of badger hair, bristle, artificial hair
  • Razors with various blades: Mach3, Fusion, Classic
  • Stands for brushes and/or razors
  • Soap bowls
  • Shaving soaps

We have the largest selection of handmade shaving brushes from Plisson in the entire Rhine-Main area.

The classic shaving brush head

The classic shaving brush head is made of badger hair. Let the hair absorb the warm water, then rub the soap until it creates a wonderful delicate and fragrant lather.

Boar bristles massage much more vigorously, the artificial hairs have the advantage that they are less sensitive than the badger hair, but they do not absorb the water very well and you have to rewet them more often.

Please rinse out the soap residues well.


We carry various soaps from Fabre and Klar. Become convinced about the variety and quality of their products by browsing their websites. You can also enjoy the different scents in our store.

The pure curd soaps from Fabre or the functional soaps from Klar are also suitable for sensitive and problematic skin. They have healing and disinfecting effects for sore spots and are suitable for foot and hand baths.